(REA) is the biggest real estate portal in Australia. Just like the portal can be integrated with SweepBright to publish your properties on. Follow these steps to get started

1. Make sure you have a registered  REA account

First make sure you have a registered account on REA. If you do not have one, first create one to get started.

2. Change your bulk uploader in REA admin agent

Go to your REA - ADMIN AGENT page and change your 'Bulk uploader' to SweepBright. Here is a video that can help you with this. Check out this help article from REA if your stuck. Do take into account that this could take a few days.

Or follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the agent admin portal of REA and login with your credentials. 

2. Go to XML Uploads in your main menu and click on Change my Uploader

3. Complete the request form with your info. Don't forget to select SweepBright as your new provider. Hit the Submit button in the bottom to confirm. 

Important note: 

  • Setting up or changing your listing uploader with REA attracts a fee of $100 + GST unless your agency has no active listings however you can upload all your existing listings without any new publication costs. 

  • If you have previous REA listings and you just change your Bulk uploader, REA will send SweepBright an .xml with all your listings. We will upload this in your account and tell you when done. This way, your REA listings will all appear all in SweepBright (only with minimal data, no pictures). As soon as you re-publish them to REA, they will be recognized as 'updates' to existing listings (not NEW listings) so they will not be charged again. 

3. Connect the REA account to SweepBright

Once you've received a confirmation of your transfer, go to your SweepBright account. Select Channels > Portals in the main menu and look for the  Click on the plus-sign to add. 

A new pop-up screen will appear 'Add Rea'

First tick off the checkbox. (if you've followed the steps 1 to 4)
Secondly, add the Agent admin ID (6 letter code). You can find this in your agent admin portal in the top bar. 

Click the (blue) Add button when you're ready. The portal will appear in the active list and can be used for publishing now. Enjoy!

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