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How to set up a project? (web)
How to set up a project? (web)

Find out how to set up a project

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Are you selling or renting out a property with multiple units? Find out here how to create and manage your projects!

  1. Go to Add Property

  2. Select Project and the Type of properties (House, Apartment,...)

3. Fill in all the required information (just like a normal Property). You can recognize a project by its green color. 

4. In the tab Units you can add the different units by clicking on the Add Units in the top right corner.  

5. You can edit the units individually by clicking on the unit. Here you can edit all the info like in a normal property.

Projects will be shown on your agency website with several units

Side note: For now it's only possible to add projects with the same kind of properties.
                  (e.g. projects with apartments, projects with houses) 

Did you know?  The number of active listings in a project is neatly displayed in a little dot. This gives you a snapshot of what's available. 

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