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What happens if I unarchive a property? (Web App)
What happens if I unarchive a property? (Web App)

Unarchiving a property lets you easily put that listing back on the market

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You just sold or rented a listing? Great! You can archive it so that if you ever need to put that same listing on the market again, the only thing to do is to unarchive it. 

  1. Select the listing you would like to unarchive in Properties

  2. Go to the property Settings

  3. At the bottom of the screen, tick the box under the Archive title and hit the Reactivate button 

Please do note that the following might result from unarchiving a listing :

  • The property will be moved back to the active properties list 

  • The property will not be automatically re-published. You should re-publish the property to the channels of your choice after unarchiving it.

  • Some property portals might charge you for posting the same listing a second time.

More info about archiving and un-archiving from your mobile app can be found here.

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