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Company & Teams - Setup team(s) structure (web)
Company & Teams - Setup team(s) structure (web)

Find out how to change your team settings

Updated over a week ago

SweepBright allows you to setup your own team structure within SweepBright. A first and very important decision you'll have to take is how you're going to organize your team structure. You can do this per geographical region, activity, or any other team split you would like. 

Geographical: New York, Boston, Chicago,...
Activity: For sale, For Rent
... or just put everything into one team

However, do note that all (imported) contacts and properties are team-specific. This means all team-members can see each contact and property. They cannot see the contacts and properties of another team. Take this into account! 

You can Add a new team here! Start by the name and complete the other info via the steps above.

You can 'switch' between teams in your main menu, like this: 

PS: For now, you cannot delete any teams. Be careful adding teams. 

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