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How to edit a contact information ? (Web)
How to edit a contact information ? (Web)

How can I edit a contact information?

Updated over a week ago

Once a user is created into your SweepBright contact list, you can edit all the contact information at any point. 

Here are the things you need to fill first:

  • Contact Details

    They allow you to contact him as easily as possible. Email address, phone number, etc. Don't forget anything!

  • Preferences

    These parameters will allow you to refine property searches for this contact. Be specific, and you will find the property that suits him! Good to know: you can add as many as you want.

  • Activity

    This information have to be filled in as your relationship with your contact progresses. Whether he came to visit a property or he simply left you a message, indicating it in this tab will be very useful later 😉

The more information you will provide, the better the relationship is & the more your matches will be accurate. 😉

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