Once a user is created or uploaded into your SweepBright address book, you can edit all the contact information at any point. 

  1. Select the Contact you would like to edit

  • Contact info: contact + picture + address

  • Preferences: Investor, Buy/Rent, Pricing range, Bedrooms, Property Type, Location Preferences

  • Interactions: Add an interaction or view history of interactions

More info on registering an interaction/visit? Read this!

  • Notes: Open text field, which is always private.

  • Settings

  1. Your lead has the option to unsubscribe from Matching emails, here you will see the status.

  2. The preferred language of your lead

  3. Here you can remove the lead from your contact list, you can always reactivate the lead later.

  • Matches: Find properties that match the criteria of the contact.
    Click on 'Filter' to turn on Bright Matching, more info about this function here.

Send an email to your contact about a property that matches their criteria.
Just click on the enveloppe next to the property and write a personal message.
You can also send an email with all the matched properties by clicking the green button on top.

Check the History of Interactions of a certain property by clicking on the arrow next to the enveloppe.

The more information you will provide, the more your matches will be accurate.

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