SweepBright contains 3 types of contacts: 

  • Leads (interested in buying/renting a property)

  • Vendors (willing to rent/sell a property)

  • Investors (looking for the next big deal)

Add a new lead or vendor manually to your contact base is easy with SweepBright. 

  1. First Add Contact in the top menu bar (left to login info) at any given section of SweepBright web app (no need to go to Contacts)

2. Select the type of contact: Lead or Vendor and fill in all information First name, Last       name, Phone, Email. SweepBright will use this contact information for you to                automate contact interactions like phone calls or mailings

3. Select Add

Did you know? You can add your full contactdatabase in bulk via the web application (find out more at Import contacts)

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